CIO As A Service

Chief Information Officer is the role in the company who is responsible for the overall management of information technology (IT) within the company.

Chief Information Officer-as-a-Service (CIO as a Service) can help companies achieve more flexiblity, agility, control and competitive advantage by adapting Operating Expenses (Opex) IT model that companies pay only when they use the services.

CIO as a Service enables Small and Medium- sized Enterprises (SMEs) to help assess their digital readiness and needs before engaging digital consultants for in-depth digital transformation strategy advisory and project management services.

CIO as a Service can also help companies meet their environmental goals by leveraging solutions (such as cloud) that reduce carbon footprint.

Who is it for

Any business entity that wants to

  • Know how to get started in going digital,
  • Understand what type of solutions to adopt for its specific business challenge, or
  • Select the solution that best meets its needs.

Features and benefits

Through CIO as a Service, company can:

  • Have an assessment of its digital readiness and identify its digitalisation needs and gaps;
  • Learn from other Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) that have successfully implemented digitalisation projects;
  • Receive recommendations of digital solutions based on its business needs and profile; and
  • Compare digital solutions, by functions and costs.

There are many digital solutions available for reference, ranging from those that address sector-specific or common business needs, to those that serve to streamline operations, enhance business sales revenue or safeguard business resiliency.

Through CIO as a Service, the company can also engage digital transformation consultants for digital advisory to help

  • Seek a deeper understanding of its business needs and priorities;
  • Tailor digital solutions and training roadmaps for its businesses; and
  • Incorporate essential cybersecurity risks, basic data usage, and protection requirements into its digitalisation.

CIO as a service can provide expert guidance on protecting information assets and developing long-term strategies for mitigating risk. With the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, having a knowledgeable and experienced CIO to provide advice and guidance is essential for staying ahead. CIO as a Service will help you realize the complete potential of your technology investments by showing you how to make the most of your existing resources and get more from new investments. After deploying new technology, the CIO will drive user adoption by providing guidance on using the new tech and best practices for getting the most out of it

We also provide digital transformation consultants to help project manage the implementation of its digitisation projects.

We provide digital advisory and project management services based on commercial agreements.

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