CISO As A Service

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is the role in the company who is responsible for multidimensional, immersive one that faces accountability from several pillars within the company. A CISO is required to not only possess technical expertise, but also to have the strategic outlook to drive security-oriented business decisions. They have to understand and adapt to the cyber culture of an organisation and have the experience to guide it through a breach with resilience.

Some of the typical challenges we see are as follows:

  • The CISO must balance addressing current vulnerabilities while implementing security for new technologies, as legacy systems and applications need patching while new threats emerge almost daily.
  • The cyber-risk management budget is not sustainable and forces the CISO to make difficult decisions on how to prioritise.
  • It is difficult to recruit the right people with the needed technical skills, business knowledge and strategic mindset.
  • The frequency and severity of cyberattacks and security breaches are increasing, as our society is becoming more and more digital.

With our CISO as a Service, it becomes possible also for small and midsize companies to prioritize and execute IT security initiatives, without hiring a full-time resource.

CISO as a Service provides the right competencies when needed, as it allows for the client to tab into different cybersecurity experts, however always with the same coordination point.

We have a holistic view of vulnerabilities and can provide your company with experts in every aspect of cybersecurity.

CISO as a Service is a new-age holistic solution that brings in experienced practitioners who add leadership, value and commitment to your organisation’s information security.

Opting for CISO as a Service provides company with access to a pool of industry experts, strategic frameworks that fit the requirements of your enterprise and the requisite tools to execute and measure the outcome of these frameworks.

This extension of your information security capabilities will fulfil the immersive role of a CISO and ensure that risks are mitigated before they can cause unacceptable business losses.

The CISO’s role has evolved from being an afterthought to being at the forefront of today’s digitally disrupted and focused business acumen.

In response to this disruption, we have increased the value in the depth and breadth of the CISO service. The CISO as a Service model balances challenges and priorities under the ‘four-face’ model, mainly technologist, guardian, advisor and strategist.

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